31 Senior Yearbook Quotes That Are Everything

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"All y'all fake."

High school is a tough time. You're on your journey from becoming a kid to becoming an adult, and having to navigate that journey is anything but easy. I could go the whole "your body is going through changes" route with this, too, but let's be honest, none of us want that. Anyway, high school is, for most people, something of a slog: you spend four years trekking up the mountain of academia and social stratification, only to know you've got another four years of pretty similar stuff afterwards (albeit with -- well, probably -- a lot more hangovers involved). But once you climb that mountain, you do get to do one thing to distinguish yourself in perpetuity, a single talisman that will stand the test of time: the senior yearbook quote.

Some people go for inspirational, aspirational, or profound sayings with their senior quote. The people in this slideshow are not those people. No, these, instead, are those brave, crazy diamonds who decided to be as funny as humanly possible with their forever quotes, in the hopes future generations would learn something from their commitment to the lulz. Ready to read some of the funniest senior yearbook quotes ever? Here they are. Get Started