23 Hilarious Dessert Fails That Should Not Have Happened, But They Did

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How did they mess up so badly?

There is a difference between baking and cooking. When you cook something, there's room for the home chef to add in a little inspiration: extra pepper, extra cheese, cut the amount of meat in half and sub in some spinach for a little nutrition boost, try some fresh oregano in the tomato sauce even though the recipe doesn't call for it... really, it's all up to you! The recipes usually won't be TOO bad either way. It'll likely still be edible.

Baking, however, is different. Especially when you're baking desserts. Certain ingredients like butter and sugar need to be whipped together to form the base texture to add the other ingredients. The number of eggs can drastically change a recipe. And if you mess with the leavening amounts (like salt, baking powder, and baking soda) it cannot be guaranteed that your dessert will work at all. So unless you're a very experienced baker, it's best to try to follow at least a base recipe as closely as possible in order to ensure a successful dessert.

The desserts you're about to see are not successful. We'll show you what the dessert SHOULD look like, and then show you how someone screwed it up really badly. Would you still eat these fail desserts? Get Started