33 Unbelievably Weird World Records People Actually Set

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They put WHAT in their mouths?

There's something fascinating about world records, whether it's who is the tallest person in the world or the guy who squirted milk out of his eyes the farthest (yep, that's a thing that we don't recommend you try at home). Thankfully, the good people at Guinness World Records have been around since 1954 to capture all these weird, wacky, and just plain awesome factoids. (Fun fact: Did you know that the Guinness Records founder was Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Guinness Brewery?) Over its 60 years, the company's Guinness Book of World Records has set its own record as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time. So... congrats, Guinness!

There are some truly wild, and I mean wild, world records out there just itching to be broken. Like the farthest distance anyone's blown a marshmallow from their nose into someone else's mouth. You know you want to do this, just because. But there are some crazy achievements that will probably never be broken just because nobody will ever bother -- like running the fastest 100m while wearing clogs. Why? Well, we don't know, but the guy sure did clop down that track in 17.65 seconds!

We found some of the most bizarre world records people have set, whether by chance or by purpose. Just wait until you see these! Get Started