29 Hilariously Ugly Tattoos Of Rock Stars

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These definitely do not go to 11.

Rock stars epitomize a wild, rebellious, renegade lifestyle, as people who just DGAF about what people think -- they're just gonna rock, man. So it's no wonder that when people want to ink up, they look to their favorite rock stars for inspiration. Sometimes it might just be tattooing a favorite rock band's name one one's arm or back. It might be tattooing the band's insane mascot on their back or shoulder, like Iron Maiden's terrifying Eddie the Head. That's an immediate attention-getter right there!

The trouble comes when people decide to get the rock star's actual FACE tattooed on them. Faces are hard enough to do for a tattoo artist, but when it comes to putting someone who is so recognizable on your body, like the Doors' Jim Morrison or Ozzy Osbourne, it's next to impossible. Some folks clearly did not think twice before going to their local tattoo joint or back alley and asking for Axl Rose or Bono's portrait on their arm. People, DON'T DO THIS. The best tattoo master would have a hard time making the entire band Metallica look great on your back - we don't know who did the one of James, Lars and co., pictured in this slideshow, but we suspect it was possibly a third grader. See the rest of these rock star tattoo nightmares and be glad you have more sense! Get Started