These Are The 33 Worst People On Reddit

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You will be so angry after this.

33 horrible people on reddit who will make you rage. A sad reality of this world is that there are a lot of people in it who aren't always great people. Who knows why this is? Maybe people were raised in really sad homes where bad things happened to them, so they never learned how to act properly. Maybe people have undiagnosed mental illnesses for which they never received help, thanks to a capitalist system that doesn't prioritize regular health care, much less mental health care. It's why generally, it's important to treat people with kindness. But sometimes, people are just... the worst. Whatever the reason behind it, the facts are that bad people are out there. And a lot of those bad people are on Reddit.

You've probably seen a Reddit post before that made your jaw drop before, right? Can you believe these people would just... post that? Sometimes they seem aware that they're being bad people (not that it makes it acceptable) and almost seem proud of it. Sometimes, they sincerely don't even seem to realize that they're actually being giant flaming piles of crap instead of human beings. How the heck could they SAY that? Well, we've found the WORST people of Reddit. Get ready to rage, my friends. Get Started