These Are The 25 Stupidest Reasons Someone Ever Called 911

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911, what's your non-emergency?

The invention of 911 is pretty genius and one of the coolest things about modern society. With only a phone call, dispatchers can find your location and come to you in case of an emergency. Hopefully most of us won't have many (or any) reasons to have to place a 911 call in our lifetimes, but it's still nice that we have the option to do so. When you call 911, you're letting the county you live in know that you're having an emergency: a medical crisis, someone stalking you, or a crime that you see being committed. It's great that we have a system like that in place.

However, people definitely misuse the 911 service a lot. Many operators talk about the stupidest phone calls they've ever received, and some folks even end up getting put in handcuffs because it's ILLEGAL to use 911 for a non-emergency! Kids or people who call accidentally might get a pass, but grown adults should surely know better, right? Well, you'd actually be terribly wrong. We have found the dumbest and most horrifying reasons that someone called 911. Why did they do this? Who knows. But the results are a little funny... and hey, maybe the 911 operators could use a laugh too. Get Started