27 Meme Stars Then And Now

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Since the Internet began we've seen the rise of viral memes, which are accidentally photos or videos with funny captions of people or animals that spread organically on social media. Sometimes memes are mean, sometimes they're trying to make a point, but most of the time they're just so funny they travel the web for years. We all know who Grumpy Cat is, from the hundreds of hilarious photos of the little frowning kitty posted on Facebook with quotes like "Go hug a cactus." And then there's the fist-pumping baby known as "Success Kid," whose mom took his photo on a beach and unexpectedly created one of the most popular memes of all time. One of the earlist memes was Mosh Girl, a less-than-flattering shot of a girl dancing at a punk show. Some clever souls hilariously photoshopped it to make her look like she was breakdancing, walking on the moon and leaping over hurdles. The meme known as Scumbag Steve even made his HAT famous. How about that?

But whatever became of these people? All we know of Mosh Girl is that her name was Sam and her parents demanded the original photo be removed. But others... well, WE FOUND THEM. Read on for the stories behind the Internet's most famous meme stars -- and find out what they're up to now! Get Started