The 33 Most Overrated Movies Of All Time

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Opinions. They're like you know what.

Few things are as polarizing as movies. Everyone has their taste, and what entertains one person may not be entertaining to someone else, even if it happens to be the most popular movie in the theater. Opinions are like you know what, and everyone's got one. Some movie fanatics will argue how good Avatar was until their faces turn bluer than a Na'vi, and why it should have won an Oscar for Best Picture instead of The Hurt Locker. Some of us can't stand movies that are considered classics. The Godfather and Citizen Kane often make "most overrated" lists and they're two of the most celebrated movies of all time. Some of us don't get what the humor was in The Blues Brothers, even though it starred two great comic talents, or why Monty Python gets the love their movies do (IMHO British humor should stay in Britain, thanksalot). Or maybe it's a particular director's films that appeal more to some than others -- Quentin Tarantino has his following, but not all his movies are as good as critics give him credit for. Truly overrated movies are those that win all kinds of awards and get critics falling all over themselves with superlatives -- but ultimately are they THAT GOOD? Oftentimes, no! See if your favorite (or most hated) movie made our list of overrated classics. Get Started