23 Celebrities No Person Should Have Tattooed On Their Body

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You want that on your body FOREVER?!?

Did you ever watch a TV show or a movie and think to yourself "oh, wow, that was a neat character!" only to forget said character's existence? This is how most people operate, but it's the exact opposite of how these weirdos operate. They saw, they enjoyed, they tattooed, and I can only assume they also incubated feelings of deep, deep, deep regret and shame as time passed. Either that or they just have really terrible taste in both entertainment and tattoos.

I mean, normal people don't go out and get a daytime TV character tattooed on them, do they? What if that character was Maury Povich or Judge Judy? Does that make a difference? Or what about your favorite senator? Would you do that? I wouldn't. Personally, they're all garbage, even the ones on my "side" if you know what I mean. Rich people...

Anyway, these people did the dang thing. They went the distance. Whether they got terrible characters and weird celebrities tattooed on them for the laughs or to pay homage, we can't know. What we can know is that every single one of these tattoos should be erased from the collective human memory and ushered back into non-existence. They're that bad. I hope you enjoy all the eyerolls and head shakes you're about to experience as much as I did! Get Started