29 Of The Most Horrifying Food Tattoos Ever

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People get a lot of bad tattoos. Holy cow, do we ever mean it -- there are more terrible tattoos out there than there are stars in the night sky, and by a long shot. So it's no surprise a lot of those tattoos revolve around foods. We don't just mean bad food, either -- though McDonald's is certainly well represented in this endeavor -- but plenty of good foods that people have committed horrible tattoo atrocities upon (what did pizza ever do to deserve this?!). Have you seen any of these before? How about the pooping cupcake? Or the inexplicable love of meat? Or the whitest pizza you will ever see? How about a singing hamburger? Or a Little Debbie arm piece? Or a Pop Tart astronaut, ready to blast off? Or even multiple breakfast-themed skull pieces (which must've hurt like the dickens)? Want to stare at some of the worst food-related tattoos you'll ever see? Then read on, because these are anything but magically delicious. We're entirely baffled why anyone would ever choose to do any of these things to themselves, but hey, at least we can try to get some enjoyment out of their lunacy. Join us, won't you? Get Started