27 Famous Brands With Secret Meanings In Their Logos

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How many of these can you spot?

These days, brand logos are as much a part of pop culture as they are the company's product packaging. From your cell phone, your clothes, your favorite soda to the car you drive, everything has a logo you recognize instantly with no words or letters needed. Some brand logos are cute (awww, Gerber baby!), some are subliminally clever (whoa, I totally didn't see THAT!), others use unique fonts or letter shapes to convey messages about their products. You immediately get a "feeling" about some brands the instant you see their logo, whether it's a sense of loyalty to their products (Apple people buying only Apple products, for example) or judgment ("That idiot spent his paycheck on THAT?") or comforting familiarity ("Thank god they put a Starbucks here in Outer Mongolia, what would I drink otherwise?").

So, we all can easily identify brands by their logos, but did you know that some companies pack their logos with extra information? Did you know there's an arrow hidden in the FedEx logo? That Hyundai's "H" shaped logo is more than just a letter? And Wendy's has a word hidden in their logo of a little girl? Mind... blown. Check out our slideshow of "see what they did there?" -- brand-logo edition! Get Started