29 Bizarre Roadside Attractions Around The U.S.

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Don't ask why these exist, just GO.

Road trips are the best when it comes to discovering all the weird, mysterious, creepy and just plain hilarious things our great country has to offer. From state to state, you never know what you're going to find along the highway: maybe a giant ball of twine, or a UFO watchtower, or a run-down theme park dedicated to the Flintstones? Yes, all those things actually exist, and you can visit them. Why? Because PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, that's why.

Many of these roadside attractions attract many tourists every year, because they might be easier to get to than others or they have earned a reputation. We've all heard about the giant dinosaurs in the Southern California desert (bet you don't know who made them though) and many people make the trip to South Dakota to see major performers at Mitchell's Corn Palace. But others are way off the beaten path. Did you know you could stop off to see a real mummified dog stuck inside a tree in Georgia? Or the world's largest hair museum in Missouri?

Read on for some of the oddest, creepiest, funniest and most "WHYYY?" things you can (and should) stop to see on your next road trip across America! Get Started