Can You Find These Animals Hidden In Plain Sight?

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This is nearly impossible!

Nature is full of wonders. There are rainbows and butterflies and flowers, just to name a few. It's also brutal. One minute, your beautiful butterfly could be flitting around the wildflowers, and the next minute, it could be in some lizard's stomach. Luckily, Mother Nature has a plan for that in the form of animal camouflage. All types of living creatures, from tiny bugs to tall giraffes have colors, shapes, and patterns made to help them blend in to their natural surroundings. When you live in a world where you could be lunch at any second, it's kind of important to have some hiding skills.

The animals in this image are all hiding in plain sight. They're so hard to see because they blend in seamlessly with the trees, grass, sand, or even water in which they live. Some of them are pretty easy for us smarty-pants humans to spot. Most of them are pretty tough to find. Imagine yourself standing in some of these settings, and you'll realize how easy it could be to wander right past one without ever having any idea you were in danger.

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