27 Hilariously Weird Things You Can Buy On Amazon

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Because bacon-flavored floss, yo.

We can probably all agree that Amazon is awesome. Before Amazon, you actually had to GO TO A STORE TO BUY STUFF. The very idea! Back in 1995, Amazon went online as a bookstore. That's right, the online retailer only sold books, not the myriad things you can purchase now with the click of a button. The company grew, and even thrived after the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s, adding product after product to its available selection. Today you can get anything you need delivered right to your doorstep, whether it's diapers, groceries, a birthday present for your kid's friend or that Himalayan salt lamp you never knew you needed.

Feeling lonely? Order "the boyfriend pillow," shaped like a man's arm in a dress shirt. Last-minute need for a cow-head mask? Amazon's got it. Coolio's cookbook? Check! There's no end to the gag gifts you can buy, too. Finger puppets shaped like tiny hands. Something called "unicorn meat." Two pounds of lemon-flavored Starburst candy. Hissing cockroaches. Yodeling pickles, wolf urine and fake eyelashes -- for your car. Amazon's got it all! And if you're a Prime member, you may be able to get that certain special item the very next day.

So forget books, you need to see all the crazy amazing stuff you can buy RIGHT NOW on Amazon. We've rounded up the most hilarious items in this handy slideshow that you need, must, have to see. Get Started