27 Hilarious Walmart Photos That Got Me. They Got Me So Good.

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Rolling back prices and in laughter.

We've all been to Walmart. In fact, if you're from a small town, you might remember THE Walmart as the saddest and only place to shop around town. They're everywhere! But, perhaps, as is normal for the course of human nature... we started noticing similarities among the people at Walmart. A place that has low prices on everything and has most things you could want under one roof is certain to appeal to a broad number of people... good AND bad. There's definitely a special breed of people who show up at Walmart.

We found a lot of these photos on a website dedicated to fan submissions of people at Walmart, and these are the best submissions we found. It definitely shows the best (or worst) side of Walmart. And the funny thing is that the same sorts of people show up at the stores on a universal level: whether the store is from Arkansas or California, it's still the same ol' Walmart. It's almost the exact same experience all over the country.

Shopping at Walmart is exhausting, but some of us keep doing it anyway (and some of us have no other choice) and keep going through the same thing each time. It's funny, miserable, and you can't wait to get out of there. But somehow, these hilarious photos make it seem just a bit better... or maybe just a bit worse. Either way, these sort of sum up the entire Walmart experience. Get Started