These Are The Worst Makeup Trends Of The Past 20 Years

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It's time to overpluck some eyebrows!

Makeup has changed over the centuries, but some looks tend to age better than others. We've only discussed the makeup trends of the past 20 years or so in this slideshow, because otherwise this entire thing would be filled with trends from the '80s.

In the '90s, we appropriated other people's cultures while wearing too much blue eyeshadow along with dark lipliner and very light lipstick... and press-on nails, of course. In the 2000s, those of us who weren't into super dark emo makeup were into glitter EVERYTHING to go with our shiny, glossy lips and our pencil-thin brows, along with way-too-long fake nails. But in the 2010s, the world of "extra" began... and now we have lip accessories, contouring everything, braided eyebrows, and so much more. Ugh! These pictures will at least make you nostalgic.

So hey, what makeup looks do you wish would never, ever come back? Would you say these were THE WORST or not? We've glanced at the worst makeup trends of the past twenty years and we've found some real doozies. Did you ever use any of these trends? Get Started