These 33 Photos Are Completely Unedited... And It's Crazy

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Yes, these pictures are REAL... and they are totally unbelievable.

Manipulating photographic images has been around for as long as there have been photographs to manipulate. Early photographic tricks include double-exposures, cutting and pasting, or using development techniques that cause images to look different from they did in reality. We think of photographs as a representation of reality, but here's the thing: reality is constantly changing. A photograph never changes. Have you ever seen a photograph of a person in motion, like an athlete, making the craziest face you've ever seen? They didn't have that look on their face in reality, because it only lasted for a second. But when that second is captured on film, it becomes a new reality, a reality where they did make that face. Photoshop is another way you can make photographs represent a new "reality." Photoshop is one of the most powerful tools an image editor has at their disposal - they can make it look like two people who were never even in the same room are best friends! But here's the thing: the incredible photos in this gallery are totally unedited and haven't been touched by Photoshop. So the awe is all in our crazy world. Which one of these photos is YOUR favorite? Get Started