35 Haunting Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil People In History

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Every single time a baby is born into the world, they are born into a complicated and intense world. We all want these babies to grow up and be the best they can be. But... it doesn't always happen that way. Each innocent baby turns into a person, and sometimes there are, unfortunately, bad people out there. Depending on various circumstances, mental problems, childhood issues.... lots of things can happen before the innocent, helpless baby becomes an evil adult.

Some of the most evil people in the world were actually once children themselves, even though it's hard to view them like that when all we know is that they are villains who made our world a much worse place and hurt a lot of people... or worse. You will find these childhood photos of serial murderers, corrupt dictators, and grossly horrific school shooters very haunting. Who knew that when these people were children, that they'd grow up to be monsters? It's horrifying to think that each and every evil person was once an innocent-looking child. What went wrong from the time these photos were taken until the time they turned into monsters? Some of these photos will chill you to the core. Get Started